Lashes By Miyuki

Lashes by Miyuki is an Eyelash Extension Salon located inside Planet Beauty at the Irvine Spectrum Shopping Center.  Here at this website, I will share information about the services and prices,  gallery of the eyelash extension works, reviews from the clients, and a blog by the owner.

Lashes facing different directions

Your lashes are just like your hair.  You wake up in the morning, and your hair is messed up, so you wet it and style it the way you like.  Same with your lashes.  Sometimes in the morning, you find a lash or two that just don't seem to face the right way.  If you take shower in the morning, great!  After the shower, just use the mascara wand given to you at your appointment, and brush it to make it look nice.  If you don't shower in the morning, just wet it slightly before brushing, and you are all set.  If there are still some that aren't behaving, they may have grown out away from your roots, and you may be due for touch up appointment.    enjoy your lashes!!!