Lashes By Miyuki

Lashes by Miyuki is an Eyelash Extension Salon located inside Planet Beauty at the Irvine Spectrum Shopping Center.  Here at this website, I will share information about the services and prices,  gallery of the eyelash extension works, reviews from the clients, and a blog by the owner.

Preparing for your appointment

It is best to come in for your appointments with no make up for best results.  That includes eyeliners eye shadows and of course mascara.   If you have even the slightest traces of make up or mascara, the eyelash extensions will not adhere correctly, and result in premature fallout.  Also, if the technician spends too much time trying to remove your makeup and mascara, you will not have enough time to have your lashes done, and you will end up paying for a very expensive cleansing session!     Please remember to stop wearing mascara 4 days prior to your appointment, as removing them the day before is almost always not enough.  And needless to say, it is best to wear no mascara at all for the life of your extensions!!